Thermotherapy Massage in Singapore

Feel a deep sense of healing and relaxation with thermotherapy. It uses heat to alleviate the symptoms of acute and chronic pain.

Benefits of Thermotherapy

Relieve of Soreness

Relieves Soreness and Stiffness

Heat therapy’s main objective is to heal the muscle soreness and joint stiffness that you feel throughout your body. Our professional therapists modify thermotherapy to address your unique concerns, whether your body aches and pains result from pregnancy or from over-exertion.Thermotherapy is often combined with light stretching to achieve optimal results.

Pain Healing

Contributes to Faster Healing

Many athletes recommend thermotherapy because it promotes faster injury healing and improved mobility. Muscle pain relief aside, it stimulates blood circulation and eliminates the toxins that could be preventing your body from being in top condition. It stimulates the immune system, too. Treat yourself to a relaxing therapy that helps you get back to your best physical condition.

Reduces Stress and Tension

Whether it’s caused by your pregnancy or by your busy everyday life, stress and tension always go hand in hand. The warmth of thermotherapy might be exactly what you need to relax, empty your mind and relieve the tight muscle tension that you feel throughout your body. Improve quality of life through this service that greatly reduces mental stress and muscle tension.

Reduce Stress and Tension

Promotes Better Mental Health

Thermotherapy and other massage services primarily provide relief for muscle pain and stiffness. But as it relaxes your body and relieves it from built-up tension, it also encourages mental relaxation. It eliminates fatigue, allowing you to sleep better and adapt a healthier mindset. Look after your mental health by regularly scheduling thermotherapy and massage services.

Mental health Improvement

Experience Deep Healing and Relaxation through Thermotherapy

Mums N Bumps caters to all individuals who experience acute and chronic pain — especially those who are prone to muscle tension and joint stiffness. Our professional therapists offer thermotherapy which uses heat to relax tensed muscles and stiff joints. It also widens blood vessels to promote better circulation.

Thermotherapy increases your blood flow through a process called vasodilatation. As a result, your cellular metabolism increases and encourages faster healing and recovery from your physical aches and pains.

Our thermotherapy home service is available to all mums and mums-to-be throughout Singapore. It’s also available to everyone who suffers from low back pain, body aches, stiff joints and sore muscles. Experience deep relaxation with the help of our professional therapists.

Thermotherapy offers countless benefits that help you achieve optimal well-being. It’s good for the mind and body, which is why our professional therapists gladly offer the home service to clients throughout Singapore.

The Thermotherapy Experience with Mums N Bumps

Mums N Bumps gives you a quick run-through of the thermotherapy process so that you know what to expect when you book the home service from us. Check out how our professional therapists work with you.

Thermotherapy Experience
Body Preparation for Thermotherapy

Prepare your body for the thermotherapy session.

A professional therapist gets you ready for the thermotherapy session by learning your massage preference and asking about your injuries or general discomfort. This lets us know how to treat your tensed muscled and stiff joints for optimal healing and rejuvenation.

Ease soreness and stiffness throughout your body.

Heat therapy relaxes your body by warming up your sore muscles and stiff joints, and improving blood circulation. As the therapy progresses, the therapist will focus on particularly tensed muscles or inflamed areas. They thoroughly work to rid those areas of soreness and stiffness.

Ease soreness and stiffness
Repositions Womb

Reshapes body and repositions womb

Our binding process helps you to get back your pre-pregnancy body and improves your posture. Our therapist will also target your abdominal area to boost postpartum discharge and reposition your womb back into place for a healthy recovery.

Soothe the tension and stress that you’re feeling.

Thermotherapy isn’t entirely about physical relief from muscle tension and joint stiffness. It also soothes the mental stress and tension that you’re currently feeling. The heat therapy helps you relax so you can temporarily forget about your worries and focus on healing.

Tension and Stress Relief

Rejuvenate your mind and give you peace of mind.

The overall goal of thermotherapy is to make you feel relaxed and ready to live your best life. It’s supposed to encourage faster physical healing and greater peace of mind. Book this therapy so you can experience optimal pain relief, lower stress, and a clearer mindset.


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Service Description

Our Thermotherapy Massage includes the use of hot stones during your massage session. This is a great inclusion for both pre and postnatal massages. As the stress of carrying your baby's weight takes a toll on your body and engorgements become painful because of blocked milk ducts, our thermotherapy comes in handy! The use of heat helps to relieve muscle tension and boost circulation by gently dilating your vessels. Aches and stiffness will significantly be reduced and engorgements will be off its way!


1 Session - $9.90

7 Sessions - $57

10 Sessions - $75

15 Sessions- $105

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Mums N Bumps provides convenient and affordable natal care for all mums and mums-to-be in Singapore. Clients experience 100% satisfaction from our prenatal massage and postnatal massage services. Our thermotherapy service is also fast becoming popular. Book this home service today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I benefit from thermotherapy?

Thermotherapy has many physical and mental benefits. It eases muscle tension and joint stiffness. It improves blood circulation and stimulates your immune system. It reduces mental stress and tension, too, so you can sleep better. It boosts your overall quality of life.

Why do athletes recommend thermotherapy?

Athletes recommend thermotherapy to individuals who are experiencing acute pain or minor injuries because it effectively soothes muscle aches and pains. It encourages you to breathe slower and deeper, too. Overall, it contributes to better, more focused athletic performance.

Does thermotherapy help with healing an acute injury?

Heat therapy increases blood flow throughout your body. As a result, your improved blood circulation could help injuries heal faster. It also relieves pain related to the injury. Nevertheless, we recommend consulting with your doctor to determine whether it’s safe for you.

Are there circumstances where thermotherapy might not be advisable?

Thermotherapy is generally safe for individuals with a normal skin sensation. When you have problems with thermal sensitivity, however, it is best to consult with your doctor before booking an appointment. This is to ensure that your skin doesn’t get burnt during the session.

What’s the difference between thermotherapy and cryotherapy?

Thermotherapy uses heat to treat muscle tension, joint stiffness and some minor injuries. Heat therapy relaxes your muscles to alleviate acute or chronic pain. Meanwhile, cryotherapy is cold therapy. The use of cold is often recommended for sprains and acute muscle strains.

How do I book a thermotherapy session with Mums N Bumps?

Mums N Bumps is open from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5:30pm. We offer thermotherapy as a home service. You may book an appointment or ask about special schedule arrangements by calling us or messaging us on WhatsApp: (+65) 8463 3168.